Good Night

Image Credit: Nuna Frei

Good Night

Text and art work: Nuna Frei

In times of corona the relationship between me and my windows changed…

„Good Night“ was born in the beginning of the isolation, when the mysterious virus started to invade the world piece by piece. That’s why it also has something fascinating or even aesthetic. I was impressed how something that tiny can seem so huge and cause such a big chaos worldwide. By the way also in my personal life as an artist. The new neighbour scared me, and I was wondering how we can cohabit. Trying to cover it and close the curtains, hoping that the next day it will be gone. Seemed like a real human reaction of protecting oneself. 

Watching it with the eyes of today, makes me think of the analogies to worldwide troubles in the pandemic. Seems like the virus was revealing a lot of problems that were already there but had so far been covered. I also had to understand that closing the curtains or covering is not helpful for solving problems. In that way the virus taught me a lot. The relation I had with my windows changed and I’m glad about that.

About the artist

Nuna Frei ( Nuna Quechua: soul, spirit. Frei German: free) is a visual artist with a previous career as a product designer. After traveling through South America and painting murals in the Peruvian amazon area, she got inspired by their culture and visions. Her artist career was initiated and led her to mural and artwork exhibitions in the city of Nuremberg where she lives now. Her artworks are modern figurative paintings like portraits or hand painted illustrations, characterized by vibrant colours and intense expressions. 


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